Whether it is the black mold or a fungal spread out, none of them is hygienic in any household. So, it is our responsibility to keep our home as well as office premises clean and free from mold infestations.

But, cleaning the house every day and doing the needed at the same time is a difficult task. That is why it is better to make some cleaning arrangements that fit your timetable.


5 Symptoms To Detect The Presence Of Black Mold

1. Odour
The smell of something rotten is the most common sign of black mold. Mold normally leaves a smell that hits us with an unusual smell. Mostly the places where dampness is common, you can identify the smell. So, if you smell an unusual smell from your surroundings, look closely for mold formation.
2. Breathing issues
Your home is the most cleanest place. But if you are having breathing issues in your home, then there must be some reasons. Often the mold spore spreads are the reason behind such breathing problems. Therefore, if you find difficulty in breathing along with severe unstoppable sneezing and irritation, this can be due to the mold infestations.
3. Allergies
Black mold can lead to severe allergies. The spore dispersal from a mature mold can lead to skin irritation, watery eyes, nasal problems, etc. If the issues persist for a long time, it can lead to severe health issues. Therefore, if you go through any of these symptoms, check your house thoroughly for possible mold infestation.
4. Dusty air
With a mold infestation in the room, it will create cloudy air in the room. That is why if you feel that the air within the room is not clean, you need to check for mold infestation.
5. Spots
Spotting is one of the most common signs of mold infestation. Mold generally leaves a cotton-like structure in black to greyish colour. Also, at the place of mold formation, the area becomes discoloured from the original colour.

So, these are the most common symptoms you can check to understand mold formation. However, finding the remedy for them is not a difficult task either. Here are some of the common black mold treatments that you can apply.

Some Natural Remedies To Remove

Black mold removal is quite an easy task, only if you know how. But one needs to be extra cautious while removing molds as these can be harmful to your health.
1. Scrape the mold from the place using an object using proper protective gear like mask, or gloves, and put the scrapped part in a covered packet.

2. After removing the mold, check if the infestation created any holes or degradation. If not, gently rub the place with some detergent and wash it off with water.

3. Dry the affected area thoroughly using the dryer or vacuum cleaner.

4. Once the area is entirely dry, spread some disinfectant to sanitise the entire spot.

5. If the spot is severe, it will be best to call a professional mold removal team to handle it.

Black mold can be highly toxic, causing severe health issues. That is why one should handle the entire process using the necessary equipment only. Apart from that, if you feel that the task is too much, you can call your professional cleaner and get it done by an expert.

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